Pressrelease:The Spirit of “Japanese Craftsmanship” Takehiro Co.Ltd. makes the first Japanese Rum made in the Mainland

For Immediate Release
New Brand/New Product Information
June 2013

The Spirit of “Japanese Craftsmanship” 
Takehiro Co.Ltd. , a Cooperative company for one of the Largest Automobile Makers
Makes the first Japanese Rum made in the Mainland
Starts Retail sales from July

Takehiro Co. Ltd.(Naka-Ku, Nagoya) manufacturer of car parts, launches NINE LEAVES, a Japanese Rum Brand. Their first product NINE LEAVES CLEAR, was also released. NINE LEAVES CLEAR was first introduced to selective bars and restaurants in March, and will be starting nationwide retail at liquor dealers, shops and also on their website from July 2013.

From Car business to Making of spirits
Takehiro Co. Ltd. has a history of manufacturing as a cooperative company-- delivering unrivaled quality and craftsmanship for one of the largest car makers in the world. Takehiro wanted to reach out to the end users with their craftsmanship. Yoshiharu Takeuchi the President of Takehiro aspired to do so by creating a finished product. This constant yearning led him to create Rum, and also the distribution of it. There are only a handful of domestic Rum brands, and a limited marke. The demand for Rum was increasing, and still much room to grow. Takeuchi felt that there was a prospect, and thus chose to make Rum.

Until the The First Shipment
After Takeuchi had decided to make rum, he learns of a water spring in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, by coincidence. Extremely soft was this water, with a mere solidity of 12, which is even rare for Japanese standards. He secured the supply of the other ingredient important in Rum making- brown cane sugar made in Taramajima Islands, Okinawa Prefecture. He then visited Scotland and ordered a Pot-steel necessary to distill the Rum. Upon return, he took an induction course at a Whiskey manufacturer. With all the pieces place, he made his own blueprint and built a distillery. Drawing water from it’s source, monitoring the fermenting mash, distilling, bottling and labeling- Takeuchi takes care of all these processes, and makes sure that all the procedures are within his sight.
Fine rare materials and maximized effort and diligence- the factors that portray Japanese Craftsmanship are expressed through the line “Sincerely Made, Rum from Japan,” which NINE LEAVES boasts as their slogan

NINE LEAVES clear wishes to deliver to Rum Lovers worldwide. NINE LEAVES CLEAR (White Rum) will be followed by cask matured Gold and Dark line-ups in the future.

Alcohol: 50%
Manufacturer: Takehiro Co.Ltd, NINE LEAVES Distillery 

Purified water that pours out of the feldspar from Otowa mountains,Shiga Prefecture and sugar canes from Okinawa meet and borne this “Clear” Rum. Soft, delicate and stratified sweetness is a product of patent-still. The elegant presence of floridness reminds one of top quality sake the “Daiginjou,” which relates to its Japanese roots. 

Aroma..............Dignified and Vivid. A sweet brilliance that originates from brown cane sugar, one of its main ingredients.
Flavor........... A sweetness that lingers gracefully, rich, thick savor- a product of patent-still.
Finish..............Short and Sharp