5TH GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL BERLINにてホワイトラム部門の金賞をいただきました。 #Rum #Ron #Rhum

「5th German Rum Festival Berlin」のコンペティションGerman Rum Awards 2015にて「ナインリーヴズ クリア」がホワイトラム部門の金賞を受賞いたしました。今年のテーマは「Color of Sugarcane」で、日本産のサトウキビから作った黒糖でできたクリアの個性が評価されたようです。こちらがその賞状です。同イベントでの受賞は今年で2回連続2回目となります。ありがとうございます。


German Rum Awards 2015

"NINE LEAVES CLEAR" Wins Prestigious Gold Award in the Blaco/ White Category at 5th German Rum Festival Berlin 

We feel honored to have been awarded the gold title in the "White rum" category at this year's German Rum Awards held in Berlin. The theme of this year's festival was "Color of Sugarcane" where NINE LEAVES was able to showcase the depth of flavors developed by using Japanese sugarcane. This is the second award that NINE LEAVES has received at the German Rum Festival. Thank you very much for your support.